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Discussions about Matchpool! General talk about the platform. The topics in this category will be about the product and the future of the platform.

Ideas & Suggestions

Suggest ideas for the Matchpool platform and discuss them with other users in the forum!

The Locker Room

The Locker Room is a place for all things off-topic. Talk about books you like, movies and other tech interests.

Use Cases

Discuss possible use cases for the Matchpool platform.


Talk about upcoming events, giveaways and suggest your own ideas for the Matchpool forum.

Trading & Exchanges

Guppy, trading and exchange discussion belong here.

Blog Discussions

Community discussions about our Medium blog posts that release every Tuesday at

Contests & Competitions

Contests and competitions hosted by the Matchpool team.

Crypto Talk

A general category for all cryptocurrencies besides Guppy.

Help Requests & Bug Reports

Need help from the Matchpool team or community? found a bug in our product? You've come to the right place.