9 Bugs and suggestions

  1. The email confirmation came a little late (20-25m)
  2. The sender (support) could be renamed to Matchpool Support
  3. A comma should be after the greeting
  4. When requesting to join a pool, the message “Request already sent” should be “Request sent”
  5. When selecting the interests that best describe the pool, the suggestions should not disappear before finishing the whole word (ex: the suggested word MUSIC disappears after I type the C letter)
  6. I cannot add new interests
  7. More years should be added when selecting birthday for profile
  8. No message appears after confirming the join pool request by other members. They must be added manually from the Members tab.
  9. Matchpool should be written next to the logo


Thanks for the feedback, hugely appreciated.


10.It would be great if we could edit our conversations in the pools. But only for 5 or 10 minutes after the initial posting. After that, an EDITED label should appear and when a users clicks on it, he should be able to see the modifications made (Facebook style).

  • you should leave an empty row between the posts and the LIKES number.
  • the older comments should be first and the newest ones last.


Привет , не могу пройти регистрацию как через gmail так и через FB/// В чем проблема?


@claudieux — Some great observations thank you, will report back to the product team. @Alex we are looking into logging in issues today, speeding up the time to login, Android members have been effected. Thanks.


:+1: Спасибо огромное за оказанную помочь


Thanks for reporting, claudieux. Forwarded your report to the developers.