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Let me start with the first question, can we get Yoni to sign-up as well?


Hi any chance to know when GUP will be added to some other exchanges ? or its depending on them (exchanges) ?


I’d like that too, but they have no control over what exchanges list on their websites.


Sure, we’ll get the whole team on. Thanks Zip!


What’s the best way of purchasing GUP?


For me its bittrex , let me know if you need help buying there


@therhslv Bought on liqui then transferred to MyEtherWallet. Apparently you can store GUP on your Jaxx wallet? is it as simple as just sending you GUP to the Ethereum address Similarly to what you do with MyEtherWallet?


Got no idea about jaxx wallet , never used it before . I use myetherwallet


But jaxx at the moment dont accept GUP


Thats what I thought, then I found this article:

I’ll just use MyEtherWallet from now, secure enough i guess.



Bittrex is the best exchange to buy Guppy.


I have a question! When does Beta Version release?


The beta will be released in a few months time. Exact dates will be published later.


Are we giving up on Trello as the roadmap?


Hey Moneda — We are going to keep the roadmap active on the website where it’s more visible but will continue to keep Trello up as well. We are in a transition stage at moving all the development updates from Redmine to Trello.


Sorry if this is not the right place. I don’t see anywhere on this page to ask new questions. I need help getting my Guppies from my wallet creators.

When I sent in my ETH to the presale, I had NO IDEA the ETH would not be sent from my Freewallet address but instead would be sent from a shared address owned by Freewallet. The contract returned 41,882 guppies to the shared address which is 0x7eD1E469fCb3EE19C0366D829e291451bE638E59. The Freewallet team will not deliver the Guppies to my wallet address without a return hash id from MatchPool. Can someone from MatchPool find and send me the return hash id?

On Apr. 2nd 2017 I sent 3.00289332 ETH to Matchpool. Address: 0xE05CeDD2838E4e1d99B539D8C768D6EF2a10F729. There is a note: Initial investment in match pool. Trans hash id: 0x30521420a7c127d79336b31321c151e346f4e614c7a7936380a6a7d639f52ed9


Hi there,

Where can I find the statement regarding QGUP process? I would like to know when can I withdraw my GUPs from MEW.

Kind regards,


Please follow our Telegram channel at for the latest news regarding the QGUP distribution.