Bug/Spelling Mistake/Suggestion

  1. I can enter pools, but I cannot leave pools. When I try to leave a pool with “Settings–>Leave pool” nothing happens and I remain in the pool.
  2. When I click on “Profile–>My pools” I can see the pools I created and the pools I joined in the field below “Pools you’re a member of”. On the home site I only see the pools I joined in the field below “Pools you’re a member of”.
  3. I cannot scroll through the years when I want to put my birthday
  4. It is not possible to put a location by hand, only via “Current location”. And this is not the correct location in my case.
  5. I could not register with the E-Mail of the german provider “gmx.de” because I got an error like “Invalid registration”. With the E-Mail of an other provider it worked.
  6. Using my cellphone the animated picture behind the button “Get started” disappears when I scroll down and there remains a white field. (Android - Dolphin browser)
  7. Below the button “Register” you wrote “By clicking Register you agree with Mathcpool’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy”.
  8. When I click on “Profile–>View profile” there is stated that I am a female for like 2 seconds before the correct site loads. When I load the site on my cellphone sometimes everything appears too big or to small.
  9. It would be great if there are more interests to choose. During the registration it would be better if it is necesary to put the password 2 times. https://…

The design is great, nice work.


Thanks for reporting, Dave. we really appreciate it.


Forwarded the issues to the developers. Thanks for reporting, Dave!