***Competition*** Uppy your Guppy!—WIN 5,000 x 2 GUP


Uppy your Guppy: 5,000 x 2 GUP Contest :droplet:

There will be two prizes of 5,000 GUP to two members of the community.

Competition—Alpha Feedback & Ideas :notebook_with_decorative_cover:

A prize will be given to two members of the community that give the most insightful Alpha feedback and ideas for pool suggestions with in-depth answers to the questions. We’ll give the prize after two weeks after the day after we launch to give everyone the chance to submit their answers. To view the Alpha, go to matchpool.com for a link to the Alpha. (This will appear shortly after pre-signed up Alpha testers have received the link).

We are building Matchpool around you; the community. Your participation in this project will help make it the best experience possible. You’ll help shape the platform’s features and future, so we very much welcome all your feedback and ideas — they’re invaluable to us.

Good luck Gupper :fish: :sailboat:


Hi any more competitions coming ? Thanks :slight_smile:


@therhslv — Yes indeed, what is your profile on the Matchpool Alpha? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi its http://app.matchpool.com/#/id/671