GUP Pools ideas


Hi what pools you gonna create when matchpool will come out ?
I personally will create pool with tips where to invest


I will create Pools for Front end developers and cryptocompare pool!:))


I will create a pool for pools creators :smile:


Sooo I will create Pools ideas Pool:))


I will make a dentists pool. :slight_smile:


i want a pool for skateboarders :stuck_out_tongue:


…and one for pool parties :wink:


Nice Rihards! @therhslv - We’re really interested in the crypto trading experts. Those with followers on Youtube can bring invite their subscribers into their pool and charge an monthly fee for their tips and tricks or payment for private trading consulting.


@Bashtrader - Great. Pool creators will need tips and tricks to manage their communities so it’s something we’re really eager to focus on. Pool owners are Matchpool’s super users and we want them to get as much as possible out of the platform.


Traders traders and one more time traders :slight_smile: Most influential crypto people these days.


A pool for people interested in technology in developing economy settings


I’ll join the skateboarding pool!


I think a pool for music festivals would be nice. So we can bring people together who 're planning to visit the festival…


Actually there is so many posibilities to create pool for


@Piedidi — Music festivals yes. Think of this concept: A music festival offers tickets for sale at a discounted price and pays the person who purchased the ticket some Guppy. This business model could also be applied for Restaurant chains wanting to offer a deal at their restaurant and offering Guppy incentive.


@Fearofsalt — Nice. What’s your relationship to the dentistry industry? How can you see this pool working with members?


@martin — We will very much support the tech pool! How would you use/administrate the skateboarding pool?


@saint — The Cryptocompare pool would be great. I was using that app for sometime! Did you use any other apps for your crypto portfolio? We are currently hiring for front-end developers. If you know any local to Tel Aviv, let us know :slight_smile:


@Dariusrug — Indeed, we are putting out the messages now. When the user-experience is improved, we expect crypto-traders will be interested in bringing their fan base over to Matchpool.


I am dentist. I think many people have troubles with oral health. Most of them dont even know something about prevention and what to do when they have any really hard disease.
I will write down my concept here;

In this pool people will be able to get any help with their disease or problem. Not many of them can get it in time. Nowadays the reason of hard complications (phlegmons, abscesses, diastema, gingival recessus) is the late diagnosis of a disease. Usually patients dont know where to go to solve their problem. Patient is looking for any help with mandibular pain, while the solution lies within his teeth position and quality.
Ofc it will be able to contribute some guppies for the efforts.

And one more thing that seems to me very promising. It is cases happened in somebody’s practice. Medical cases and histories are the best way to improve skills and find out new methods and opinions. Articles, questions, and any form of experience could be changed into guppies.
Matchpool is the best platform for those things.