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New Pool: Bugs / Ideas / Improvements

We want to provide feedback for the Matchpool-Team so that they can build the platform we all want to use in future! =)
We support them by providing:

  • bugs
  • improvements
  • ideas and general feedback


i would create international dating pool #globaldatingrevolution. how do i get in? backstory: i’m attending the idate2017 conference right now. one of the speakers has just mentioned matchpool in his talk about blockchain. nice to learn about you ambitious vision guys. and lets get the ball rolling


@Max - Finally had the time to write a reply… I was thinking of a concept where people can join an “event pool” (music festival, sport match, pop concert,…) and then the pool gives the opportunity to find a date. An example: tomorrow there is a U2 concert here in Belgium. Imagine that I create a pool “U2 concert Brussels” where people can join for free and use a “search function” by paying a few gup to find a date (filter on gender / age / location). Wouldn’t it be awesome to find new friends this way, a blind date or someone to carpool with? And this way Matchpool brings back the “real” social contact between people…

I really love the Matchpool project, keep up the good work! (sorry for my English, it’s not my mother tongue)


Nice one , i like it


Great @Piedidi — Thanks for the suggestion. You should check out a website called — They offer this service. We could certainly make this a feature in the future for connecting with people at events. Something came up in conversation recently whereby people having an interesting conversation about ‘x’ topic, could state on an app they’re talking about ‘x’. And other people that are interested in this topic that are attending the event / festival can be notified of this type of conversation happening at the event. We are very interested in bringing online to IRL (In Real Life) experiences.


I’ll create a pool for people starting out in cryptocurrency, get them involved in the potential it holds!




Awesome @Bitbybit — I’m in!


Why not use the existing community site and respond here?