Help my Wallet creators are holding my Guppies


I need help getting my Guppies from my wallet creators.

When I sent in my ETH to the presale, I had NO IDEA the ETH would not be sent from my Freewallet address but instead would be sent from a shared address owned by Freewallet. The contract returned 41,882 guppies to the shared address which is 0x7eD1E469fCb3EE19C0366D829e291451bE638E59. The Freewallet team will not deliver the Guppies to my wallet address without a return hash id from MatchPool. Can someone from MatchPool find and send me the return hash id?

On Apr. 2nd 2017 I sent 3.00289332 ETH to Matchpool. Address: 0xE05CeDD2838E4e1d99B539D8C768D6EF2a10F729. There is a note: Initial investment in match pool. Trans hash id: 0x30521420a7c127d79336b31321c151e346f4e614c7a7936380a6a7d639f52ed9

I can be reached at as well.