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It’s possible that in 20+ years the education scene could be very different.
Courses and degrees in a good amount of situations are long, uninteresting and useless. It’s my impression that education is still too glued to the past industrial type age, top - bottom, when those relations should be much more about sharing and collaboration than imposing and ruling. Rules have their place, but in my opinion we loose a lot with a system like that, that (in the end) is not voluntary. Even if it seems, most people are pressured by various factors to enroll.

Matchpool could be there within and with that change.
More diversity, allowing for tutors and students to meet, workshops, etc.
So people could focus on content, and the paper the status might or not come later. It seems that people are going for the later, and then teachers and students see themselves in a kind of swamp, with either party not interested in what they are doing.

So that’s that, a project like this would give some possibilities.


Absolutely, I agree with what you are saying, if Matchpool can be integrated with the learning process of students and allow them to study differently it would be beyond awesome. The way students study today needs to change and Matchpool could help it happen.


Great @Uoo! Crowdfunding educational courses was something that cropped up in the ideas phases recently. If every student in a pool sends in ‘x’ amount of GUP to a teachers pool, the teacher will give a class, content, live stream exclusive to those who pay GUP. If the course is business related, the members can privately network and message as a result of the course.


I agree @Zip - I am a big fan of Ken Robinson’s TED Talk. The school system needs to adapt to the internet revolution and Generation Alpha which proceeds Generation Z. I’m in two minds of sending my future children to a ‘normal’ school, I don’t think they’re optimal environments for accelerated and ‘happy’ learning. The most important part of a child’s upbringing is that are taught how to be happy, develop curiosity, empathy and strong interpersonal skills. Real learning is a bi-product of curiosity. Education will continue to grow online, predominantly via video and soon we’ll see more real use cases for AR / VR. :man_student:t2:


I agree. Education is too bogged down with old standards. I have high hopes for the reputation system to allow the very best teachers to differentiate themselves and make themselves some more profit in proportion to their teaching ability.


Formal education completely kills the amazing creativity little children have, ask a three-year-old child to draw something abstract and he will draw something completely random and unexpected, ask someone who experienced school for a few years and he will draw something that will be much closer to the drawings of other children. School is the direct reason for that.



@Max, you are forgetting the off-line use-cases. I actually think they are the important ones.
An interesting idea (me saying) could be to use the guppies to easily pool resources from the pool members, and then spend it collectively, in the food for the meetings, studio for music members, materials for painting or art lessons, etc. A common currency for the group might allow for less friction.
Summer camps, dance lessons and festivals, yoga classes, martial arts, finding a football or volleyball team…

The funds could be spent accordingly. People don’t know each other very well, and so polls help pool makers to provide more exactly what they are looking for. I’m not sure but multi-sigs could be an advantage in some cases.

@Max I think you are viewing it to narrow, you were talking about empathy, curiosity, and strong interpersonal skills, online education seems not like the best means to nurture those points… ? It deals mainly with instructions, screens, and information.
It’s a great video from Ken Robinson, it’s about movement, not to be seated in class all day. And bringing people together.
Let’s say I meet a group of friends online. And we want to make something collectively. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a common currency, to have a pool for said group? That’s the value of guppies.
(otherwise you are competing with youtube, with lots of videos, some with quality content, like TED Talk :wink: )


Hey @Teabreak!
Great username, I love tea. :tea:
In regards to use cases. We have thought long and hard about crowdfunding for offline and online projects inside pools, even crowdfunding crypto projects came up recently. Crowdfunding journalists for example online to write new articles or pools raising money for a musician to buy a new instrument for offline use. If you look at Patreon as a platform, Matchpool will offer this service to pool owners and other additional revenue models. We’ll create the core revenue models, and offer developers the tools to come up with their own models. For example, lotteries, auctions etc. :game_die: Regarding education, I meant it in the broader sense (not online) - Children shouldn’t be glued to iPads all day long… I am completely for a common currency within communities to collectively build things and collaborate together, and even take the Guppy from one pool and use it in another. The Guppy is borderless between communities and removes the friction of multiple FIAT currencies colliding. A quote I like: “When I came here, I was looking for a community. Then I realised I was helping to create one.”

Thanks for your feedback @Teabreak!
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Your welcome : D :slight_smile: :upside_down_face: