Leveraging the Reputation System


Hi All,

In an effort to increase exposure of Matchpool and integrate more thoroughly with the growing cypto economy, I have a suggestion relating to the Matchpool reputation system.

I think a mutual benefit scenario would arise of leveraging the reputation system to support or provide connection recommendations to other crypto projects. For example, someone posts “Who will win X game” to Gnosis, Gnosis prediction market answers, and Matchpool provides recommendations for betting sites, sporting events, etc, filtered by reputation. Matchpool could provide its user base to support the Gnosis platform via some sort of app integrated into the site, and Gnosis could do something similar with the reputation system. Matchpool could also pledge GUP rewards for participating in the Gnosis prediction system with the understanding that it would generate more user interest coming from Gnosis (or other crypto projects). Pools could be created in Matchpool to match sporting events, where users could place a vote on who will win “x” game with a set amount of GUP, where the pool’s GUPs are then evenly distributed to users who answered correctly. I don’t know if legality issues would arise from this. Statistics of bets made in the pool could be made available.

I feel that integration like this will increase exposure without paying for direct marketing and give Matchpool a stronger position with the growing market of the crypto space. I know the reputation system is actively being developed at this stage and may be some time off from being in full production, but it’s an idea. It could also provide a steady stream of new users to the platform from other crypto projects.

In summary, integration of Matchpool’s specialties (rep system, etc) into other crypto projects to gain exposure and users.

Any thoughts?