Match pool is not only for dating, we should say that loudly


I really don’t know why peoples think that matchpool is a Dapp for dating.
matchpool use cases can’t be counted, It’s not just for dating.

I am asking the team to re-introduce matchpool with better vision


The team has stopped marketing Matchpool as a dating app long time ago, they did that just on launch.


Hey @Bashtrader - Yes we all agree. We are re-jigging the narrative so future press releases give the wider picture of the platform as a community driven social network that incentivises connections.


Hey Max, I want to repost my Telegram message here:

What you need to do prior Alpha is that you must come up with a strategic marketing campaign. My offer would be to create a special proposal for every well known twitter crypto trader, where you could show him how he could use Matchpool, clearly state its distincitve USPs(Unique Selling Points). These traders have their private groups etc. If couple of them would be interested in using Matchpool then trust me, it would work as a snowball. Start gathering the list of potential traders and make the PDF. I would be willing to help you, strong support on twitter would send GUP to the moon!"

I would agree with the replies from the community, that Alpha might not be the time to go after those influencers, but it’s a perfect time to start having a discussion with them. You should capitalise on potential Matchpool USPs for different target users and influencers. We must all agree that Matchpool will stay a while only in crypto community and these days traders are the most followed users who could bring a lot of traffic to Matchpool from which different branches of its appliance will happen when mainstream crypto members will learn how to use it for their own benefit.


Hey @Dariusrug, thanks for reaching out on here :blush: I agree. We will definitely reach out to the crypto traders and influencer YouTubers. I met Crypt0 at a Consensus 2017 after party - Awesome guy. :crescent_moon:


@Max Sounds promising! Would be great to have a couple pilot users at the very beginning :wink:


Having a few big YouTubers to speak about the platform and showcase the alpha would be awesome. Or even at a later stage in the project like the beta.


@Zip — Definitely. We’ll see what we can do here.