My comments on functionality after day 1


I did everything from my iPhone, so everything is from a mobile user perspective.

  1. When creating my profile, the birthday range is limited to 2010.

  2. I’m unable to create/add new interests at set up. It seems I can only search for and select about a dozen pre-defined interests. Also on mobile the width of the text boxes on the registration page are squished together, so I can’t really see what I’m typing.

    Another pic of a text box

  3. I signed in using facebook, and tried adding a new photo. It doesn’t seem to take a new photo so now my profile pic is blank when I comment in pools. Yet when I click on the profile dropdown men it shows my old profile pic from facebook.

  4. Sometimes when I like/heart a comment in a pool, it only shows a grey box around the heart instead of filling in the heart blue. In the image below you can see a light grey box around Maximus’ heart.

  5. I wrote text in a comment box inside a pool and did not click to post the comment. Instead I clicked on a heart on the comment above, and all the text in the comment box disappeared. The two images show first with text in the comment box, and then the text disappeared after Maximus’ heart was clicked.

  6. When I search pools and there are no results, it should show text saying ‘no pools, want to create one?’ or words to that effect. Currently it is just blank as shown below.

  7. When requesting to join a pool, instead of saying ‘request already sent’ directly after clicking on the request button, say ‘request pending’ to let the user know that an action from the pool owner is pending.

  8. In addition to the list of recommended pools, you can also add a list of ‘new’ or ‘up and coming’ pools’.

  9. How about a button to jump to a random pool, similar to how reddit has the ability to jump to a random subreddit.

  10. I clicked the sharing option while in a pool, and selected Reddit. I thought it was going to share a link to the matchpool, instead it had me just share a message in plain text that I wrote. Below is an image showing that nothing is actually shared.

    Also sharing ended up giving me three different webpages on mobile. Is it possible to just cut this down to two (keeping the original pool webpage and a new one showing the destination where I shared?

  11. When selecting interests when creating a pool, the interests that I selected should disappear from the bottom as they now also appear on top. Also can’t create new interests.

  12. When creating a pool, I got through the first step with a fake ether address. It was not until the last/third step that it gave me an error message that the address must be a unique address. It would be better to display this message right at the first step before the user goes through all the other stuff.

  13. When trying to add members to my pool, no results come up when I try searching for existing members. When I try writing in the names of people from facebook, nothing happens when I click add.

  14. When writing a comment in my pool, a camera icon covers the text in the box.

  15. When editting my pool, the red button should say ‘cancel’ instead of ‘remove’.

  16. There needs to somehow be something for notifications for pending pool approvals, requests that have been accepted, responses to comments, etc. Maybe my profile icon can highlight in the top right corner when there are notifications.

  17. From a user’s profile page, I can’t seem to add them to my contacts or message them directly, even if they are in the same pool as me.

  18. When looking for users to add as contacts, there is no search functionality. It seems I have to scroll down, and it isn’t laid out well on mobile. And when I add a person, I then have to scroll all the way back up.

  19. When typing a message to another user, there is no send button. If I click done the keyboard disappears. Instead I have to click enter, which is not very intuitive on a mobile device.

  20. It seems I can only like and reply to comments, but cannot interact with replies
    at all.

  21. There is no quick way to go to pools I own. Even when I click on ‘My pools’, the pool I own is at the bottom. It should be at the top, or the one I’m most active in should be at the top.

  22. I should be able to search for pools using additional criteria such as by location, by interests, by members.

  23. I would like to search of users by interest or location, and give users the option if they want to appear in the search results.

  24. On mobile, it would be great to have a way to invite my phone contacts onto the platform.

  25. Even if I sign in with Facebook I should still have the opportunity to have a username or edit my name, just as the people who sign up with email do.

Now below are ideas I thought of, and could potential be some use cases as well.

  1. Delegate ownership or permissions to other members. If I’m not going to be available for a while, then I would like to delegate edit rights to someone else. Maybe make it a way that they don’t have full rights, like editing the ethereum address, but the can change the picture, description, approve join requests, etc.

  2. Events should be an option for the pool owner to create, either virtual or real world.

  3. Currently I can only post pictures, but it would be great to post videos, maybe even eventually live stream!

  4. How about your own mini profile within each pool. For example I might have different reasons why I join different pools and can express that with a short blurb that I create when I join a new pool.

  5. I created a car sharing pool called New York carpool. It would be great if I could enable a way that individuals can arrange carpools themselves and initiate a transaction (exchange ethereum) for it. This is a way for creating a decentralized economic system within a pool! This internal pool transaction feature can be used across many different pool use cases!

  6. Building off of the original dating/tinder idea: in a pool I should be able to like/poke/whatever certain members but no indication is made to them, but if they do the same back to me then we both get notified and can start a private chat or something.


The best report so far! well done Martin.


Thanks, hopefully others use it as an example and give more feedback! I just took small notes and screenshots throughout the day so it was easy to compile at the end of the day.


Super feedback! Much appreciated Martin A+


Forwarded your issues to the devs, Martin! Thanks a lot for participating and reporting.