My Findings/Suggestions


Hello i will show some things i found playing with alpha

In Browser Internet Explorer Logo not showing correctly .

Have Only Facebook Login , some people dont use Facebook , so you guys should put e-mail login near facebook login tab . But when you press Login with facebook it opens and you can choose to Login with e-mail
I did test login with my facebook , but my profiles Picture quality is bad and when i press on picture then mini picture opens .

When i type 5 password letters it wont let me register , says incorect registration . But when i type 6 letters then it lets me . And it should say minimum password 6 symbols or password too short .

Typing in my facebook friend name nothing shows up.
But when i type e-mail and press Send it just closes and dont even say something like mail sent sucesfully . But i got Invitation in e-mail .

Looks like you cant change your date of birth , but when u press on theese cirkles it opens and you can change it .

After Creating my pool from Facebook User Profile . My Profile picture dont show up .

In BIO and About Pool you can type as many symbols as you like , i dont know if its big problem , but usually its some limit .

Unclickable interests , i think you should be able to click it and it will search for pools based on your clicked interest.

Pools i own , i cant find pools i own it says pools you’r a member of . I think you guys need to Seperate pools you are member of and pools i own myself .

Report User is unclickable

Creating pool and clicking on Terms and conditions it will open blank matchpool page with no terms .



Thanks for reporting, therhslv! I will forward the issues you’ve reported about to the developers.