Hello i was just wondering what will happen with scammers .
Lets say Peter is scammer.
He creates fake profile
He creates some fake Pool . Puts Entrance fee , people join and he gets gups .

I suggest to put some delay in GUP withdrawal and some user rating system like positive/negative trust level
Lets say Peter wants to withdraw hes gups , but he cant cus he needs to wait lets say 48 hours .
Sorry for my English but i hope you guys understand .


@therhslv — Your English is great, thanks for the comment, very important points you make here and ideas. I agree. To start, we will make sure that pool owners have gone through a specific verification level to open pools or withdraw funds from the GUP wallet. This verification might mean that they have a pool trust / reputation score above ‘x’. We are still in discussions about the best way to reduce abuse within the app, which is a top priority.