Suggestions After Playing With Alpha


Maybe there should also be a separate “Browse All Pools” tab. Using the search bar is great to find specific pools that you are interested in but I would also like the option to scroll through an entire list of pools and stumble across something I might want to join.


Absolutely agree with you, the alpha is not even nearly finished. Thanks for suggesting!


Nice, i was thinking it would be cool to have a random button like Reddit has. So it can take you to a completely random pool.


@martin — Awesome, a bit like stumble upon. Like it. :slight_smile:


First of all

  • it would be great if a team member could summarize all suggestions/ideas and bugs in ONE thread with a pinned entry
  • other reports to these topics should be added in the same thread

I think that would make it easier to see what was already submitted. I actually do not have an overview of all and personally do not want to look in each topic with the same headline.


  • see what I filled out in the google-formular (and hopefully add it to a structured thread :slight_smile: )
  • make it possible to move the profile-picture to select a specific snippet of the pic
  • give the user more (clearer) feedback when clicking on buttons or performing actions (sometimes one doesn’t know if an action is performed or not)
  • seems like I cannot delete my own posts
  • it is not possible to upload a gif-image
  • pictures should also be used in comments (currently not possible)
  • it would be good to tag members (e.g. @Max) and the users in turn should get a notification in web-interface (and maybe also an e-mail if wanted)
  • posts should be editable and pinnable (important announcements, …)


New Pool: Bugs / Ideas / Improvements

Based on my feedback above I created a pool for all to support the team. It would be great if many people join it and share their ideas with us:


**Some ideas and

‘love to see’


  1. We supposed to be able to react to comments - people only can like the posts
  2. Editing the post or comment is the most important thing as people actually dont know how to use pools at the beggining
  3. Recommend to implement for example this loading bar for angularjs , users seems to love it when they see the progress on each request - it will avoid double clicking problems.
  4. Would love to see randomly list of all pools - don’t want to gues in search bar - recommended still can stay. But below it would be great to have list of all pools.
    It will create more interaction on your app as people sometimes just dont know what they want to search for but can catch something on the list.
  5. “Europa” font face doesnt seems to support for example Polish lang signs - recommended to use other font on chat to allow people to use their own language also.
  6. Pin and unpin post on top of pool option
  7. Would be great to see GUP icon instead of heart logo when like post
  8. Make whole concept more like a game the best example is – they changed customer experience from normal buying to buying game with points etc. So e.g:
    Each user has his rank status dependings on amount of posts he made and also amount of value of this posts (amount of Likes) – icon of GUP is prepend to profile picture on the top right corner – GUP icon is different for all ranks stages – higher ranki con much interesting
  9. Futured in beta – advertising your pool by paying gup – pool prepended on homepage on top to reach more users. Like gogle adwords.
  10. In Beta – use affiliate recomendation programs to expand much faster – e.g you have option to send invitations to others – would love to see if there would be a reward for doing this (only if someone will click the link which he got on his email and make a registration) then his sponsor achieve some rank points or some really small amout of GUP with limitation to 10 sponsored people.
  11. For pool owners – supposed to be option to turn on and turn off email notification if there is some active posts and comments in your pool.
  12. Would love to see something like in slack „@everyone” – then all people inside a pool getting a email that there is something important inside a pool happening.
  13. Actually future ideas are depends by concept which Matchpool team will decide to work on. Ideas have no limitations depending if it will be streaming platform learning platform Betting platform or so.


  1. When get notification to the emaill that someone wants to join the pool - link seems to be ok - and than riderect to main page not directly to the request as there is an error.
    "main-95c84fb….js:402 Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: Cannot match any routes. URL Segment: 'pool-request/176’
    Error: Cannot match any routes. URL Segment: ‘pool-request/176’
  2. Birthday date - there is a limitation which is put to the year input. In console also see it like there is no more available chooices.
  3. Post need to be more visible is separated from another one – suggesting use two colors in turns.
  4. Interest field in profile not working - there is no action behind this and no errors in console but simply not working:) “input-field with-glued-button ng-untouched ng-pristine ng-valid” form.
  5. Really need to work on performance optimization. One small action sending 4 queries.
  6. When you r owner of pool – inside main view of your pool when you got some joining requests there supposed to be a small icon near the „members” with amount of requests – From the main view we supposed to see if someone wants to join our pool – now I always need to click to members label and wait for server response which take a while… just to see if there is some requests.