Why do you left every social channel created?


There have been many social channels created by Matchpool everytime promising to provide feedback via trello, vlog etc. but at the end, you have failed to continue what you have started. I don’t know what’s going on in the HQ as the other community members. You better keep up with the commitments and keep in strong touch with community. There were Brady on Slack and everything was ok then.
You just post a roadmap for 2018 which gives a couple of actions without exact dates. We have just learned what we are going to do with QGUP after the airdrop. Please keep in touch and keep us posted.



If you’re not a member of our telegram channel please join us at t.me/matchpool.
We are always trying new things. If the community adopts a certain medium - we stick to it. Otherwise, it stays up until there’s no point in keeping it running.

Telegram is currently our very main channel because that is where most people are nowadays.